Born on Earth Day, 22nd of April 2020, MĀRĪCĪ champions a circular design philosophy with a focus on a regenerative mindset. Inspired by the ideas of re-birth and evolution, MĀRĪCĪ is a London-based luxury accessories brand formed as in direct response to the continued environmental impact of synthetic plastic based leather alternative industry.

Founded on the desire to effect positive change and lead with purpose, MĀRĪCĪ combines heritage craft with innovative and mindful materials to create timeless designs that can be passed down for generations to come.

Our designs are made from plant by-products taken from existing industries that are up-cycled into a luxe B-corp certified material that is an environmentally friendlier alternative to both mass-produced leather and toxic synthetic materials. What made the material even more exciting was that it is a female British innovation that took 12 years to develop, a pioneer in the plant-based revolution!

Preserving heritage craftsmanship is at the heart of MĀRĪCĪ. Our limited edition creations champion slow fashion, and are handmade using traditional techniques by master artisans in Florence, Italy who get to sign their output, including them in our journey!