What are Mārīcī bags from?

Mārīcī bags from waste pineapple leaf fibre which can be used as an alternative to leather and other synthetic materials. This provides a better choice for a better future.

Is the Fibre 100% Animal Free?

Yes, Piñatex is PETA approved and registered by the Vegan Society.

How do I take care of my Mārīcī Bag?

Please check out our care instructions, along with our lifetime guarantee

How to Love Me

We Got Your Back

Can I order a bag in the colour of my choice?

 Yes, please check our pre-order section where you can find out more about our range of colours available for pre-order.

Pre-order takes 4 weeks for delivery.

How is our Silk Vegan?

We use Silk from Worms that have had a full life and have become a butterfly

Where are we based?

Mārīcī is based in London