At MĀRĪCĪ, every component of our handbags has been carefully
selected for their regenerative capacities.


We use a cutting edge plant based leather alternative to create our accessories. Unlike other vegan leathers that use fossil fuels and are plastic based, which ends up killing ocean life, our material has a natural source. We up-cycle discarded plants from existing industries and turn them into leather using a patented technology. Marici uses a B-corp certified luxe material that is a rare and revolutionary superior alternative to mass-produced and synthetic leathers.

Durable, light weight, sun and water-resistant, our material requires no additional environmental resources to produce. For every square meter  purchased, we save 8kgs of carbon dioxide and equivalent toxins from being emitted into the atmosphere whilst bringing additional income to local farmers.


We are proud to be the only luxury brand to use organic raw peace silk for the interior lining of our designs. This conscientious and beautiful material is a cruelty-free alternative that allows the silkworm to emerge out of the cocoon naturally. Fibres from the damaged cocoon are then spun together forming a silk that has the same luxurious feel to organic silk, with a raw appearance. 


Our timeless 18ct gold plated and 925 sterling silver plated brass hardware is moulded in-house and finished with our signature logo. Our attention to detail is visible throughout MĀRĪCĪ's designs from our versatile jewellery chains to our luxurious Japanese-jacquard brass zippers and matching cardholders.