At Mārīcī, each component used in our handbags has carefully
been selected based on quality, ethos, and innovation.


Our accessories are made from Piñatex, a durable, light weight and water-resistant plant-based material that offers practicality to everyday wear. The PETA and B Corp certified material combines environmental and social responsibility with unique retro modern design aesthetics.

Piñatex is a revolutionary alternative to traditional and plastic-based leather made from up-cycling by-products from the pineapple industry. It was invented by Dr. Carmen Hijosa and is sustainably sourced, made from a natural waste product and requires no additional environmental resources to produce. For every square meter of Piñatex purchased, we save 8kgs of carbon dioxide and equivalent toxins from being emitted to the atmosphere and bring additional income to local farmers.


We are proud to be the only handbag brand using organic raw silk for the interior lining of our designs, offering a consciously ethical, luxurious, and beautiful creations.

Organic vegan raw silk, also known as ‘peace silk’, is a cruelty-free alternative that allows the silkworm to emerge out of the cocoon naturally. Fibres from the damaged cocoon are then spun together forming a silk that has the same luxurious feel to organic silk, with a raw appearance. 


Our timeless brass hardware, either 18k gold or 925 sterling silver plated, is molded in-house and finished with our signature logo. Attention to detail is consistent throughout our designs, which include handcrafted chains and luxurious two-toned brass zippers, all made with the highest quality craftsmanship in Venice, Italy.