The MĀRĪCĪ Collective believes in combined human power and
aspires to create positive, impactful fashion for everyone.

The MĀRĪCĪ Sun Goddess

The MĀRĪCĪ WoMan lives a life led by design, not default. She aims to make an impact by consciously making mindful decisions. 

She values Mother Earth, loves nature and
has a weakness for water. She is in tune with her mind, body and soul. 

She is an optimist and an idealist, and believes in positive evolution.
She strives to become the best version of herself. 

The MĀRĪCĪ WoMan is free and independent, but she loves love, and is a dreamer.
She buys fresh flowers for herself every week.

She believes in positive change through dedication, consistency and resilience. 
She continuously questions and challenges the status quo. 

The MĀRĪCĪ WoMan is a Ray of Light!